The Great Tower of Oldechi

From the notes of a lone crechling

((OOC: This would actually be marked in Thri-Kreen whilst trancing, so consider Lao !ze’s notes to himself OOC knowledge.))

So the Tower has slipped up. See, I know the four sleepers and the green slime are not my chreche mates. I saw my brothers and sisters die on previous floors. Also none of these five are Thri-Kreen. Yet when I look upon them, or think of them, I feel the safety and trust that is normally only given to those born of the same brood. This bond shouldn’t be able to transfer to others, especially such a diverse group, and yet it has. Therefore I’m going to keep this journal so if the tower alters me further I’ll have a record of what actually happened to compare to my perception of reality. In the meantime this group seems to have accepted me as one of their own, so I can only assume the tower has played the same kind of trick on them and for the moment I won’t try to resist so as to avoid rousing the suspicion of the tower. I will find out how to counteract this.

Floor 21

Having solved The Mystery and defeated Jimmy Suka we approached the floor guardian Diana, however she was recalcitrant to our efforts at finding out about the next floor and rushed us along without any explanation or even a chance to rest. This floor is a ridiculously huge library. It seems fairly deserted, but that may be a side effect of the expansive nature of the place. We took a short rest, and after a bit of instruction Cid Viscous crafted me a traditional Chatkcha and made Plague some bracers.

Then we started exploring the library. It is big. Really big. Mind numbingly big. Cid Viscous thought he’d found something we should check out, so we trekked through the library for a bit. I must say it is poorly designed, almost like bits and pieces had been haphazardly rearranged. We spotted a figure and Cid Viscous and I gave chase. It turned out to be a female sleeper (human I think, but I can’t judge really well). She said she was named Audra, a climber also, and separated from the rest of her party. She did tell us there was a map in the 919s, I’m not sure how much that will help though. There is a section that was messed up and the boss of her party (a tiefling) was going to check out so we headed there next.

On the way we found some tasty looking spiders but Plague convinced them to leave which turns out to probably have been a good thing as there were more than we initially thought, a half dozen at least.

After a bit more trekking through the endless shelves of this library we found the start of the mess. We surmised that it was caused by a bookworm. Deciding to follow the swath of destruction left in it’s wake we started moving once more, but suddenly Plague developed a case of Lobster-Claw-Head.

It turns out the claw belonged to the assistant librarian. She had several blind-folded burly pages who began righting shelves and re-shelving tumbled books. She asked us to go stab the bookworm, but warned us there were smaller, non-book worms called scientivores, and that they where much less vulnerable to stabbing so we should probably avoid them.

Rousseau and Plague swapped boots so we would make better time, but they did look pretty silly wearing each other’s foot coverings. On the other hand we did make good time and shortly caught up to the book worm. We had barely joined the battle when some bothersome skeletons showed up and then, well I think the tower was screwing with me because I know another worm showed up and we beat it, but I don’t actually remember it properly. It’s like the someone else took control of me for half of the battle. Surely there is a way to counter this, I’ll have to pay close attention if it happens again, maybe I can go into a trance state when it happens and actually see what’s going on.

Tela took several of the bookworm’s biggest fangs as proof of our exploits, and we returned with them to the Assistant. Plague was disappointed that she didn’t give us any monetary reward. Usually I would be satisfied merely with a well fought battle, but seeing as I missed half of it I have a little sympathy for the dead sleeper’s desire for material goods. Still, she gave us something possibly better, directions to the map of the library. We followed them and eventually, after several hours of travel arrived at a large atrium, with a 32’ square table that had a map of the library on it. Several of our sleepers tried to copy the map, but it was just too big and complex. It’s okay though, I will remember how to get back to it, and we can just come back if need be. At least, as long as time doesn’t become an issue.

Plague had An Idea and led us off towards something that might be useful. He got us close and then Cid Viscous found us a book, Things That Want To Eat You, and You. The ingenuity of this group helps ameliorate the annoyance I have at these forced feelings of kinship. The book is full of information on all sorts of inimical creatures, the scientivores included. Apparently they burrow, and can feel through the ground much like Bookworms. The smallest, or nymph stage, are bite sized but are mad quick. The mid stage, the name of which I didn’t catch because I was thinking about how tasty they might be, are slower but like to eat the knowledge in sleepers heads. I think they might try to eat my head too by mistake, so I’ll have to be careful in the future. Queens are supposedly really scare and have a cerebral bore. Anyways we had barely finished discussing the contents of the book when we saw a horde of the middle stage ones coming towards us. We found a doorway and ran inside and barricaded with a bookshelf.

And the rest is a story for another time…



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