The Great Tower of Oldechi

From the notes of a lone crechling (Part 2)


So we’re safe for some crazy definition of safety, by which I mean we’ve barricaded ourselves in a room giving us a brief reprieve from the horde of Scientivores outside. There were a couple of sleepers from the other climbing party already hiding in the room and we have all decided to work together to increase our chances of mutual survivors. When the Scientivores broke through we started to the battle a little poorly and were a bit too disorganized. Shortly some robots joined the battle and helped us finish off the queen. Turns out they are The Iron Saviors, a group that Tela has had some past experience with. Apparently they are from a higher floor and have subverted the tower and can travel between floors. They claimed credit and apologized for bringing the Scientivores down upon us. They came through a rent in reality and this further cements my supposition that reality is more malleable than at first I had expected.

We took a good, if rather boring rest atop the shelves. Then we headed to the 100s looking for the administrative offices and hopefully the head librarian. The librarian was out, but the assistant (who was not there) was there once we told her about defeating the Scientivores and meeting up with the The Iron Saviors. She lent us one of her blind pages to help us find the 616s, where maybe we can figure out a disease that will end the Scientivore threat. Rico, for that is his name, told us that the hive is basically a place to store eggs and hang out. Our plan is to make the Scientivores laugh themselves to death. We’re going to infect Plague with Cackle Fever and then he is going to feed himself to the Scientivores.

We found some bookworm damage and then eventually the path of destruction left by the Scientivore Hive. Following that for brought us to the hive after about a day and a half. We slipped back a bit and completed the ritual to infect Plague then he and Cid braved the gauntlet of Scientivores protecting the hive. According to Cid’s report they made it right up to the hive before Plague was totally destroyed by the hive queens. Hopefully this will destroy the majority of them and allow us to head on to the next level.s



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