The Great Tower of Oldechi

From the notes of a lone crechling (Part 3)

We’ve returned to the assistant librarian (Mrs. Crabby Hands) and reported on what we had done. The head librarian wasn’t in (still) adn there wasn’t really any clues we could find in her office. The sleepies complained in their way that they needed to ignore reality for a bit and near the end of the “sleepy time” one of the tieflings from another climber group that had already finished approached us. She told us the location of the supposed floor boss and how we could get there. After rousing everyone we proceed there only to find the head librarian. She didn’t even bother with diplomacy proceeding to attack us right off the bat.
There was a fierce battle, she was made of smaller bugs, and when we hit her bugs would go flying out and sometimes she would reform elsewhere in a new pile of bugs. All around rather a frustrating battle as even though we slew hundreds, maybe thousands of individual bugs not one of them was actually a worthy foe. Finally however enough of her constituency was disbanded and she could no longer present us with a threat.

Diana seemed a little out of sorts, apparently having just gotten back from putting out her beach, which I guess the illithid had accidentally set alight (or maybe some other dumb climbing party). She said she wasn’t aware of the scientivore threat, and that we were apparently supposed to fight Mrs. Crabby Hands and not Mrs. Bugs for her Everything. She fled and so we made a brief camp on the stairs and then pressed on to the next level.



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