Hadarai is tall and thin, which is hardly a detailed description for any eladrin. His eyes are an unremarkable shade of green, his hair is long and silvery, and he wears it loose because all of the other eladrin he met on the first floor did so. He wears leather armor that was clearly made with someone of his build in mind, as it fits exceedingly well. Upon closer inspection, the armor appears to be made from leaves, rather than any animal hide. More noticeable is his cool, grey cloak, adorned with a subtle green pattern that vaguely resembles letters, but not in any known script. When people ask, he tells them that he is weaving a powerful spell into the fabric using the forgotten language of the ancient Snow Yetis, who, as every wizard knows, have an established and well-documented history with arcane magic. Similar patterns in woven gold fabric can already be seen on his gloves and boots, which he claims are blessings in the language of the mountains, which he had to make-up, since mountains neither speak nor have a written script. However, he notes that some of the words were misspelled, and so neither the gloves nor the boots have any actual affect.


Hadarai is an eladrin arcanist, particularly versed in frost magic and teleportation, with this latter trait endearing him to the Iron Saviors. He left the party to join their organization as an inside agent.


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