Thump is big and strong and tough and hits people and does things.


Background Effect Thump like goats. Thump goodest of whole tribe at chasing goats. So good Thump got medal. Thump background is Goat Catcher Man and he has +2 for Athletical things. Like catching goats.

Short Version (within words count).

Thump chase goats. Thump pet goats. Goats like Thump, Thump like them. Thump go to city. Thump chase mans. Thump hit mans. Thump chase elf womans. Elf womans like Thump, Thump like them. Thump maybe make Half-Elf. Thump run away. Thump in tower thing?


Thump is big and Thump has club. He hits thing with the club. He also runs around and jumps and climbs good. He likes food and eats anything. Sometimes he wonders if maybe the tower was built so he could eat his way through all the cultures of the world.


The Great Tower of Oldechi EvansAnderson