Lao !ze



N’kala!ze spawned her brood on the fifth floor. The tower wouldn’t let her bring the brood with the party, so she waited until they’d reached adolescence before moving on to the The Trembling Caverns, and leaving them to fend for themselves. Lao!ze and the other 4 made it up a half dozen floors, before any died.

In the great Factory everything went awry: several fire elementals, who had slipped through an improperly closed portal, left by the The Iron Saviors, returning from The Scorching Mountain, stumbled upon Lao!ze and his crechmates as they where defending themselves from another group of climbers that had assumed that the ’ze’s were monsters. When set upon by the elementals the two climber parties joined forces but where harshly defeated. After a narrow escape Lao!ze and Qian!ze joined the remnants of the other party and proceeded up the tower.

By the 13th floor Lao was the last of his brood, and was forced to join with a new group of ‘sleepers’. Unfortunately the tower has some means of triggering his imprinting instincts whenever he is forced to join a new team. He can kind of tell the imprinting isn’t natural. While he can fight against it a little he has not done so to avoid suspicion. This has made Lao positive the tower isn’t real, so wants to escape. He would also like to reunite with his parents, though meeting his father, !ze Suhn may be hard as Suhn never entered the tower.

Epic Destiny:
The cognitive dissonance of imprinting on non Thri-kreen has caused Lao!ze to question the nature of reality within the tower. He figures that if the tower can subvert him, he can probably subvert the reality of the tower.

Lao !ze

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