Changeling Warlock 21, Dark Reckoner, Archlich destiny
Abilities 11 21 12 23 12 24; 138 HP
AC 32, Fort 32, Ref 35, Will 36
Insight +13, Perception +11, Darkvision
Initiative +11, Speed 7
Implement: +4 Deathbone Rod of Brutality, curse gains brutal 2
Armor: +4 Shadow Warlock’s Drowmesh, cursed enemies grant combat advantage
Basic Attack: Eldritch Blast, +24 Ref, 2d10 +15 arcane, +4d6 +6 curse damage
Skills: Arcana +21, Bluff +27, Diplomacy +20, History +21, Intimidate +22
Secondaries: Handle Animal (insects) +22, Craft (alchemy, weapons) +21, Knowledge (civics, architecture, engineering) +21
Speaks Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Elven


[Before the Tower]
Erathi Mazzenizzi was born to a renowned drow scarscribe and her alchemist husband. Upon reaching maturity, his mother capitalized on his arcane talent by sending him to the Academy at Mutuz-Vot. Her social status and his intellect afforded him instruction as an architect and siege engineer; he also studied the legal practices of the dark elves. He was hand-selected by another Matron of standing to serve as bodyguard and manservant to her three daughters.

One day a rival house assassinated several key figures, and Erathi was called to defend the property. Without a formal declaration of war, the rivals could only attack the servants, though that included the males of the house. He felled three of his attackers before another shot him with a poisonous bolt. His mind and vision fading, the young drow uttered a curse and a promise to whichever dark powers would listen.

[Inside the Tower]
Upon waking in the Tower, Erathi saw the sun for the first time, and its heat startled him. He feared he was burning, his flesh scorching in the fiery light. After a moment he realized he wasn’t being incinerated, though it was strange to see his skin looking so dark by contrast. The Tower’s haze covered his mind, but he did recall that it should have been accompanied by intense pain, which was fortunately absent. He also recalled that he should have some magical capacity, and was pleased to see that it still worked, though the nature of his talent seemed to have changed somewhat. Trailing poison and dark energy in his wake, the warlock now called Plague set off to find his fortune.

It was only some time later that Plague realized that he was actually a changeling; since he thought he was burning, his first glimpse of himself revealed blackened skin and light hair, which he’d been expecting. When he found that he could no longer see in the dark, he attributed it to acute light-blindness, and resolved to find an item to fix the deficiency. Once he realized he could change his form, he practiced using his talent to find information and catch people off-guard. Plague decided to use a tiefling as his default form, hoping the race’s reputation would be better than his own but still dark enough that his personality wouldn’t seem out of place.


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