The Iron Saviors

Observe, Protect, Preserve

The Iron Saviors are a tower-spanning organization, arguably the only tower-spanning organization aside from the tower guardians. They have developed the ability to travel or teleport between floors, even going backward, something no Climber can do. They are headquartered on Floor 26, and they believe that the whole tower is an inescapable prison rather than a large dungeon with a reward at the end. They were planning to escape using a large mecha to destroy the floors inside the Tower, but were foiled by the party.

The Tower Guardians are known enemies of this organization, because the inter-floor travel the organization uses is interfering with the tower’s progression. That is, as long as people from high floors are remaining on low floors and vice versa, the tower is getting confused and creating creatures of wildly varying difficulty on the same floor (which the party experienced on Floor 6). Why the Guardians have not acted on this problem is unknown.

The managed to destroy part of Floor 26 until the party damaged the mecha and threatened Slyghen directly. The surviving members escaped, and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Their members include:
Noma, a deva mage who has directly and indirectly helped the party multiple times. She has a high knowledge of arcane secrets, but a somewhat low understanding of the Saviors’ methods and restrictions. Deceased.
Riot, a half-orc barbarian who helped the party on Floor 13. He has the authority to invite Climbers into the Saviors. Deceased.
Ixxiata, a mind flayer well-versed in scientific principles. He was performing research on Floor 19. Deceased.
Nevitash, a large robot with telepathic powers. It saved the party on Floor 20 and reappeared on Floor 24. Deceased.
Aine, a woman who discussed the Tower layout with the party on Floor 24. She is actually a cyborg who is able to put her conciousness into empty bodies.
Mike, a gnome obsessed with flying to space with his jetpack, Thunderbird.
Slyghen the Unfortunate, the leader of the Iron Saviors.

Former members include:
Hadarai, a party member. He was the party’s best link to the Iron Saviors until the Predators killed him for being a traitor.
The Orb, an eight-foot-wide sentient black sphere who can control weather. He joined the Saviors at Noma’s invitation but left them on Floor 26.

The Iron Saviors

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