The Great Tower of Oldechi

Alas, poor William, we hardly knew ye,

Alas poor William. His was a sad and abruptly ended tale. His fate may not have been so final, had he not been confronted with a angry warlock who had recently, in no particular order…
-Spent a round slowed just enough to stand around looking like a ponce.
-Poisoned everyone with toxic gas.
-Missed like a champ.
-Pulled a vampire over so he could get punched in the face by her, then missed.
-Missed some more.
-Realized following William almost killed his ENTIRE PARTY by leaving them in the toxic gas while the vampire ripped out throats and the bard was mind controlled.
-Been told that William could be a new BFF, which he is not sure but thinks may stand for Bedeveled Fiend from Hell. He’s not sure how the last letter works out.

Thus, this was the bedraggled, poisoned, bleeding, and slightly pissed monster William tried to explain his joy of taxidermy and golem reanimation to. It did not go well.



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